What Types Of Payments Are Accepted?
Answer: We accept Mastercard, visa card, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin and direct deposits from the bank (Bank Deposit).
Are Your Transactions Secure?
Answer: The site is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), which means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted. Your order data and payment information are encrypted and secure. Your card verification value (CVV) is not stored, neither is your password or any other private information from your credit card stored.
Orders And Shipment
Can I Track My Orders?
Answer: Of course! Every order has its specific tracking number. However, your tracking number is sent to you immediately after the product has been shipped via email. Note that your tracking number may be activated in 1-2 business days.
Do You Offer Local Pickups?
Answer: At the moment we are solely online based and have not started local pickups.
Do You Ship Globally?
Answer: Yes we ship globally but at different rates and delivery times. Nevertheless, shipment methods for some products are not available to certain countries. You can always confirm if an item has a shipment method to a particular country by sending a mail to transparentthingsstore@gmail.com
How Long Does It Take To Ship A Product & What’s The Delivery Time?
Answer: On average, it takes about 1-7 days to ship a product. The delivery time varies from 3 days to about 6/7 weeks depending on the product, the country, and the shipment method.
I Want Express Shipping For A Particular Product. What do I do & How Much Would It Cost Me?
Answer: Quickly send a mail to transparentthingsstore@gmail.com with the details of the product your interested in and we would reply you as soon as possible.
 What’s The Cost Of Shipping?
Answer: Shipping is free for items 0-299g in weight and for orders above $100. However, once you add an item to cart and proceed to checkout the cost of shipping is added to your bill based on your location.
About Transparent-Things
What’s The Origin Of The Name?
Answer: The name originated from a drive to have a store filled with transparent items. It was an imagination from the founder. Transparent items are usually unique and beautiful. We sell both partially transparent and fully transparent items. However, we also have a few outstanding non-transparent or regular items, which we often use as bonuses and also sell.
Where Is Your Store Located?
Answer: Our official address is 91D Rumuola Road, Behind Ebony Hospital, Port Harcourt (Postal Code: 500272), Rivers State, Nigeria. However, we sell directly through our online store because at the moment the store is solely online based and we don’t see it as a problem because we have a far broader reach operating online.
What Platform Powers Your Website?
Answer: The store is powered by Shopify. We also have several other applications running on the site.
Discounts & Offers
Do You Have Bonus Offers?
Answer: Definitely! You can sign up for newsletters to know when offers are available.
How can I qualify for a discount?
Answer: Once you sign up to our newsletter you automatically qualify for a 10% discount rate on your next order. However, consistent customers and bulk buyers may also qualify for discount rates according to the discretion of the store management. Note that prior info would be required for bulk purchases in other to generate a discount code for the order (e.g. orders for souvenirs).
Events & Privacy
I’m Having A Party & I Need Souvenirs?
Answer: Explore the other section of our products, we have amazing products you can buy and use as souvenirs. You can email us for discounts on bulk purchase for souvenirs. Our products can fit for wedding, party and general event souvenirs.
What’s Your Privacy Policy Like?
Answer: Any Information given to us with regard to an order is used to process the order and would never be shared. For more information on issues related to privacy please read our Privacy Policy.
Image Sharing & Partnership
Are Your Images Shareable?
Answer: Yes they are. However, a link of the shared image to its page on our site or to our homepage would be appreciated.
Can I Partner With You To Sell A Product?
Answer: Yes you can. Nevertheless, we’ll need to verify your integrity level, the type of product you want to sell and your commitment to fulfilling orders before accepting any form of partnership. This is because we deal basically with transparent items and we do not want any form of disappointments. In addition, your partnership is also a function of how many products you have in stock. You can contact us through transparentthingsstore@gmail.com for further enquiries.
For Further Enquiries:
Please send us a mail through transparentthingsstore@gmail.com